The mission of PrisonWatch is to make a human connection with those detained abroad. By visiting them we can help them during their detention and after release. PrisonWatch creates awareness about the situation of foreign national prisoners, draws attention to their distinctive needs and rights, and stimulates authorities to provide sufficient support during detention and after release.



Network of certified volunteers
PrisonWatch recruits, selects, trains volunteers to the highest standards and maintains contact with them.

PrisonWatch connects foreign prisoners with volunteers and obtains access to prisons. If necessary PrisonWatch informs consulates when specific consular assistance is needed.

Newsletter and events
PrisonWatch keeps volunteers, partners and others informed and involved via newsletters and by organising events.

Advice, training, information and lectures
PrisonWatch staff provides advice, training, information and lectures upon request.


Diplomatic missions and consulates
Relieve diplomatic missions and consulates by maintaining contact with their nationals in prison and inform them in case of emergencies.

Prison authorities
Create awareness about the situation and distinctive needs of a special category of prisoners. Relieve prison authorities by making sure that foreign prisoners are seen and do not feel socially excluded.

Countries of origin
Inform, when requested by the foreign national prisoner, the country of origin about the needs of the national who is returning after release in order to prepare for a successful return into society and avoid recidivism in the future.


PrisonWatch receives advice, financial and practical support from various organisations such as Bureau Buitenland of the Dutch Probation Service and Gevangenenzorg Nederland.


The PrisonWatch foundation is a not-for profit organisation. The foundation can receive funding from other parties. The governance structure of PrisonWatch Foundation is developed to comply with the ANBI status regulations (official NGO status granted by the Tax authorities that allows for tax-free donations) and in line with the Dutch NGO guidelines for good governance (Code Goed Bestuur, Goede Doelen Nederland).